October 26, 2007
10 years, 8 months and 24 days since
our celebration.
Birthday on the Beach Party-ers Unite!
Birthday on the Beach Party-ers Unite!

What a Great Weekend!!! 
Thanks to everyone for making our Birthday celebration so amazingly fun!
The attached photos prove that when great friends and family converge on Cancun from every corner of the planet--then you have all the ingredients for a great party with many wonderful memories.

  We've uploaded a few sample pictures on the album pages here.  We have put all of our other photos on a "Shared" web-site  http://markandjyttesphotos.smugmug.com/.   Thank you to everyone who uploaded pictures.  

The agreed rule, "what happens in Cancun-stays in Cancun" apparently does not apply to pictures--but for everything else... your secrets are safe!
So when life starts to drag you down, just re-live all the great memories from this wonderful weekend that each and everyone of you made possible.

From our hearts we thank you again for sharing in our very special celebration-- until the Birthday on the Beach "Sequel", keep in touch with everyone, know that you're all very special to us, and we love you very much!

Mark and Jytte